Crosby Street Studios August 2017

When artisan mastery meets artful invention and technical innovation, contemporary design evolves. That’s the ethos at Crosby Street Studios, the trusted, to-the-trade resource for custom, luxurious, handmade carpets. Passionate about the culture-spanning traditions of handcrafted floorcoverings, the firm seeks out the globe’s finest craftspeople to ply time-honored, handwork techniques—carding, spinning, color matching, dying, knotting, weaving, trimming, and washing—in service of today’s artistic visions, such as Dew, Monarch and Muse.

Crosby Street Studios believes the design process should reflect the same amount of care as the production process. That’s why the touch of the hand begins in the company’s artistic atelier. On its own or in a collaborative effort, the design studio creates the imagery that becomes the art underfoot. Techniques range from the classic to the experimental—from watercolor and gouache to painted plastic printed onto paper; crumpled aluminum foil, translated through photography; painted layers scraped by a fine-toothed comb; or some other spur-of-the-moment adventure in mixed media. The handwork in the design studio is just one touch of a larger, hand-to-hand, collaborative endeavor that involves the technique and artistry of yarn makers, dyers, weavers, and finishers from around the world.

With exclusive access to materials, technologies, and artisans, as well as expert research, technical, and creative capabilities, Crosby Street Studios allows its clientele to dream that one-of-a-kind dream—and to see it made real. A member of Goodweave, the firm is committed to ensuring best practices in the production of every rug it offers.

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