Design Philadelphia January 2014

According to, “as the Greater Philadelphia region evolves from its industrial past, it is building a future founded upon knowledge, networks, and culture. Philadelphia is a unique environment for design exploration and development – an incubator for students and professionals alike. In this setting, DesignPhiladelphia emerged in 2005 to make the case for the way in which design is central to every city’s economic, social and cultural growth. Through its events and programming, DesignPhiladelphia showcases the role that design has played historically in Philadelphia, and celebrates the city’s contemporary significance as a center for creative advancement. Through the breadth of our events, DesignPhiladelphia unites the creative disciplines – from architecture to interior design, fashion to product design, multi-media to graphic design. Lectures, symposia, and round table discussions create opportunities for people to connect across design categories. Through open studios, we make networking among students and professionals possible. Street happenings and public installations expand general awareness of the power design has in our everyday lives.”


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