Five Minutes With: Kristina O’Neal


Kristina O’Neal, Principal, AvroKO

As a full-service design and concept firm, AvroKO handles many facets of design, including lifestyle brands and products. Kristina O’Neal — along with fellow principals Greg Bradshaw, William Harris and Adam Farmerie — bring a wonderfully diverse perspective, allowing them, along with their staff, to produce everything from furniture and uniforms to restaurant designs and interiors. Whatever the challenge, they are up for it. We spend a few minutes with Kristina discussing inspiration, fulfillment and her favorite decade in design …

AD360: Furniture, uniforms, restaurant interiors … you do it all. What motivates you? Inspires you?

KO: In most of our work, the “idea” really drives the design, and we are interested in all of the physical pieces that will help support that central idea. We have been working out each element of hospitality design as we go and attempting to build an expertise in a variety of related areas….

AD360: What is most fulfilling, design-wise — interior design, fashion design or furniture design?

KO: The creative process is the same for almost anything we do, so what makes each vehicle more or less interesting really has to with how far we can take that specific project. If the original concept has a lot of depth and there isn’t too much of a heavy client committee, we are game for any, and all, of the above.

AD360: What decade do you think produced the best designs?

KO: The answer to that question might change by the week, but currently we are obsessed with mid-century modern (particularly Brazilian furniture design) and also Swedish interiors from the same time period. There is a growing collection of film in our archives now that was done in the late 50s. They are short, non-narrated, seemingly non-sales specific pieces of footage paying homage to mid-century modern furniture. Brilliant!

AD360: How would you describe your design style?

KO: It’s evolving, and we really haven’t found a formal name for where the design style is headed. We aren’t afraid to jump into a variety of aesthetics and cultures though, so the abstract description of “Global Modern Eclectic” might do for now. A new and improved description is pending!

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