House of LMD October 2017

  • Black and white slab striped design, showcasing black painted architecturally detailed deco-inspired archways.

  • Centred around a black and white art deco-inspired mantel is a lounge enhanced with metals and lacquered details. Anchored with a vintage 1940s brass Sputnik fixture.

  • Black architecturally detailed archway invites us to this elegant dining room with Fendi-inspired dining room chairs.

  • A runway of Greek key fixtures and custom House of LMD hand-painted butterfly lamp shades.

  • A custom House of LMD-designed fretworked ceiling continues onto the millwork with hand painted custom lamp shades and tie dyed velvet chairs, surrounding a black and brass waterfall coffee table.

  • A black and white custom House of LMD designed fireplace mantel flanks black velvet niches, surrounded by polished black lacquered striped details.

  • Black lacquered detailing with a dancing metal chain chandelier with brass accents adorn this opulent wine lounge.

  • Nero Michaelangelo marble stands proud amongst walnut archways and black suede walls with chocolate brown suede strapping.

When you step into one of Lori Morris’ masterpieces, you are instantly transported. Every corner indulged with detail, every hand-selected texture bathed in intrigue. Layers continually unveil themselves as every glance bares something new.
Rooms become movements in a symphony of color and light composed of statement pieces parceled in beauty and feeling.

Lori Morris focuses her attention on the subtle sophistication of modern design. Cleverly mod or traditional, her designs pull inspiration from symmetrical facades adorned with lavish engravings, resulting in a one-of-a-kind elegance that weaves romantic tales through tall second-storey windows that break through the cornice and rise above the eaves.

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