This October 12–18, 2015, the 5th annual Chicago Ideas Week (CIW) will bring more than 150 globally renowned leaders in politics, the arts, business, social change, and more to the Chicago stage. Lifestyle entrepreneur Martha Stewart, Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee and television personality Michael Strahan, Khan Academy Founder Sal Khan, actor/comedian Tom Arnold, designer Cynthia Rowley, and economist Roland Fryer will join a community of curiosity for a week that features more than 100 events across the city.

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    Architectural Digest celebrates the launch of Lanterra’s latest development in Toronto

    Lanterra Developments, along with Architectural Digest, hosted the grand opening cocktail reception celebrating Lanterra’s latest project,...

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    Chicago Ideas Week

    Parkland Survivor and activist David Hogg, former mayor of New Orleans Mitch Landrieu, founder...

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    Register Today for DISCOVER ADAC | September 25-27, 2018

    DISCOVER ADAC draws together all levels of design creatives and enthusiasts expressly architecture, interior...

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    AD Design Show 2018

    The 18th annual AD Design Show is this weekend (March 22-25) and features great design from...