Kolbe Windows & Doors: Expansive Openings, Enhanced Spaces May 2015

For nearly 70 years design professionals and homeowners have looked to Kolbe Windows & Doors for custom-made products that create the ultimate visual and physical connection between interior and exterior spaces. From windows that frame expansive views to doors that open to majestic surroundings, Kolbe is the choice for some of the most beautiful homes in North America.

A balanced blend of form and function, Kolbe windows and doors have caught the eye of today’s design visionaries, who are drawn to the highly customizable designs. With one-of-a-kind sizes and configurations, rare wood species, distinctive finishes, and many more options, Kolbe complements any home’s unique architecture and environmental surroundings. Kolbe windows and doors slide, swing, and fold to unify outdoor spaces, creating a natural flow from the inside to the outside.


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