MINI USA at Sonce Alexander Gallery Exhibit Opening May 2014

More than 300 people turned out for the opening night celebration of “Relevance by Reflection,” a new exhibit at Sonce Alexander Gallery featuring artists Marie Thibeault, Darren Goins, Julian Rogers and Akina Cox. MINI USA was a proud supporter of the event and also displayed their new F56S.

Special guests included:

Veridiana Pontes-Ring, Director of Development, MOCA
Adam Gross, Partner, Lapis Press
Mary Norris, Founding Member, MOCA
George Lawson, San Francisco Gallerist
Marc Trujillo, prominent American artist
Marie Thibeault, prominent artist
Fabrizio Bonanni, Board of Trustee Member, MOCA
Alain Leroy, Consul of Belgium
Adelaide Barbier, French Cultural Attaché for French Consul of Los Angeles

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