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Shahrooz Nia is the founder and designer of Shahrooz, a company that specializes in acrylic furniture and acrylic sculptures. Shahrooz is known for his innovation in design and has been manufacturing in the U.S. since 1992, producing original avant-garde designs. Here, we learn more about Shahrooz and the man behind the successful company.

AD360: What drew you to acrylic?
SN: Before I started my business of manufacturing acrylic furniture in 1992, I was a professional magician. While building a prop for my illusion show, I was introduced to acrylic material and was intrigued. It has a cool, tactile, and friendly feel to it that you don’t realize until you experience it for yourself.

AD360: You design everything from tables, chairs, and lighting to entertainment centers, bedrooms, and wall decor. Why do you think acrylic is so popular today?
SN: This material grows on you. You start by decorating your home with an art piece made out of acrylic, then you want a coffee table, then a dining table, and so on.

AD360: What are the benefits of acrylic, in terms of both form and function?
SN: Imagine a space, which you can see right through, allowing a fluidity of vision into your home—a space where all your furniture and accessories never overcrowd your house. Transparent acrylic is stronger than plastic, glass, and even wood and is the key to making your living area look bigger!

AD360: What are a few of your favorite acrylic pieces you have designed?
SN: Well, all or most of my designs are sculptural pieces. One of my signatures is the Crystals design. My inspiration was two-fold: an Iceberg and crystals, as they create good energy. Each one of my designs is handmade in U.S., are all engraved with my signature, and come with a certificate of authenticity.

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