Questroyal Fine Art: Choose With Your Heart May 2014

Questroyal Fine Art: Choose With Your Heart

Left: Charles Caryl Coleman (1840–1928), Woman in a Garden, Capri (Villa Castello), 1895 (detail)
Right: Irving Ramsay Wiles (1861–1948), Sterling Basin, Greenport, NY (detail)

Why is the combined value of a coke bottle, a car crash, and a balloon dog worth more than the total value of every American 19th- and 20th-century painting sold at auction in the last three years?

Because it’s no longer good enough to just keep up with the Joneses.

Why not buy what you love—seek rational values.

There are two art worlds. In Questroyal Fine Art’s world, artistic merit is the defining factor. In the other, this inherent premise is perverted by an egomaniacal marketplace—the importance of an artwork is measured by the obscenity of its cost.

I imagine a sinister alien in attendance at a contemporary auction, contemplating the theft of the eight-digit bid board because it is the object most admired by the audience. That art world is truly on the verge of lunacy.

But it’s not Questroyal’s art world.

We see the beauty in paintings with our own eyes. We measure the uptick of our own pulse. No one need whisper in our ear. Value—present and future—is a criterion, but not the determining factor.

I intend to present you with images of the paintings I love until the expiration of my life, or sanity. Choose with your heart—always have faith in what you love.

—Louis M. Salerno, Owner, Questroyal Fine Art, LLC

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