Questroyal Fine Art: Rising Stars|Sleeping Giants April 2014


Left: Fairfield Porter (1907–1975), Rosa Rugosa, 1966, oil on board, 18″ x 14″
Right: Robert Reid (1862–1929), The Pearl Fan, oil on canvas, 30.187″ x 20.125″

From the vast body of 19th- and 20th-century artists, there are some stars who have already risen, and whom most of us can easily identify. Then, there are those who are just beginning to rise, but are not yet high enough for all to see. Their work has been gradually appreciating at auction and on the private market, just slightly beyond the footlights. Similarly, there exists paintings by proven masters that lie within the shadows, overlooked by collectors whose attention is diverted for a number of reasons—this work is consequently undervalued. It would not take much for these paintings to shine again: a museum show, books and magazine articles, or improving economic conditions. Questroyal Fine Art believes that this presents collectors with opportunity and potential.

Fairfield Porter is an artist that Questroyal considers to be a rising star. Although a successful American modernist and protégé of abstract expressionist Willem de Kooning, Porter’s auction prices have not yet reached the million dollar mark, even as his contemporaries soar into the eight digits—he is still on the rise, and has the potential to eventually catch up to his old friends. Robert Reid, a soon-to-awaken sleeping giant, was a member of the most influential group of American impressionists, The Ten, which included William Merritt Chase and Childe Hassam. While Reid’s oeuvre is collected by many museums, the lack of a major monograph, which many of his colleagues have already had published, keeps him just within the shadows.

A visit to Questroyal Fine Art will offer the opportunity to view not only these fine works, but also many other rising stars and sleeping giants. A catalogue with twenty-one color plates is available upon request at


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