An Interview with Shahrooz Nia December 2016

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Here, we sit down with the founder and designer of the acrylic furniture company, Shahrooz.

AD360: As the founder and designer for Shahrooz, a company that specializes in acrylic furniture, what drew you to this medium?

SN: Before I started my business of manufacturing acrylic furniture in 1992, I was a professional magician. While building a prop for my illusion show, I was introduced to acrylic material, and was really intrigued by this medium. I loved it. It has that touchy, friendly, and fresh feeling that a lot of people do not realize until they buy it and experience it for themselves. By the way, I am currently also creating a few very unique illusion acts using this medium.

AD360: You design everything from tables, chairs, and lighting to entertainment centers, bedrooms, and wall decor. Why do you think acrylic is so popular today?

SN: This material grows on you. You start by decorating your home with an art piece out of acrylic, then you want a coffee table, and then you want a dining table, and it follows. This material is so appealing to the modern world, because of its transparency. You can plan your zones with the different living sets and still feel the areas are flowing over one another, creating unity in the overall space. You can also use acrylic items to highlight others—like putting an acrylic coffee table over an artistic carpet or against your favorite sofa.

AD360: What are the benefits of acrylic, in terms of both form and function?

SN: Imagine a space, which you can see right through, allowing the fluidity of vision in your home—a space where all your furniture and accessories never overcrowd your house. Transparent and stronger than plastic, glass, or even wood and transparent like water, acrylic is your key to visual comfort through furniture settings. It simply creates spacious areas, hence making your living area look bigger!

AD360: Why is acrylic considered to be a “green” material?

SN: Very simply, we just don’t have to cut trees to make acrylic.

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