This Is How to Make Your Outdoor Space Really Stand Out May 2017

Techo-Bloc has pioneered how homeowners own their personal style in their backyard.

For a long time, the backyard was associated with the cookie-cutter white picket fence reverie. A leader in landscaping stone products since 1989, Techo-Bloc challenged the white picket fence paradigm by introducing European-style courtyards that transform generic outdoor spaces into architectural statements.

Design aficionados at heart, the company gives tools to homeowners to concretize their projects. Today, you can now browse through different styles and find out which designs fit your lifestyle and your personality on their beautifully designed website and catalog.

In stores, you can touch and feel their products and take home samples to see if they match your home. Whether it’s offline or online, you get all the information you need to create your perfect outdoor space.


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